Creating cultural and commercial hype – Luxury Collabs

Creating cultural and commercial hype – Luxury Collabs

Collaborations of luxury brands are one of the most interesting and creative marketing tools. Not only do the collabs bring commercial value to the table, but they also ignite the consumer sentiment and soar the brands visibility.

World has faced several jawdropping collaborations in the last quarter of 2022 and in the beginning of 2023.



In march 2023 Tiffany disclosed a collaboration with Nike. The most desired jeweler and Nike designed a legendary pair of Nike/Tiffany Air Force 11837 sneakers. This was the first time the fine jewellery gigant stepped into the footwear industry, tapping into the teenager and young adults market. The two iconinc american brands named the collab a ’sterling idea’ given that each shoe features co-branded, laser-etched silver plates above each heel (Forbes,2023). The Sterling idea created a worldwide buzz and brought young people to jeweller’s store.

Photo credit : Tiffany



But, what happens when the Mercedes G-Wagon meets the luxury puffer? An explosive cultural and commercial hype took place on  February 20th when Mercedes Benz and Moncler disclosed their joint venture during London Fashion Week at an immersive live event named The Art of Genius.

The Italian luxury apparel house and the german luxury carmaker merged their respective expertise to create a re-imagined G-Wagen that shows off the merge of two worlds – sharp lines and strong geometry of the G-Class with puff and organic form of Moncler, creating a balanced and artistically curated contrast.

Photo credit (Moncler)

The iconic G-class weighs 2.5 tons and features massive zipper with moncler logo, reflective and glossy surfaces and soft quilted textile. Put differently, the car is dressed up in a puffer jacket!




Photo credit (Gucci)

Summer of 2022 was painted in the colours of Gucci and Adidas. One can say that DNA of both brands share no similarities, but they created it in sports apparel! Elevated Tennis apparel, T-shirts, designed shorts and luxurious hoodies are the children of this brand marriage.

From the marketing point of view, the AdidasxGucci collab created significant fashion hype and promoted the distinguished heritage of the fashion brands. Addidas leverages the luxury brand image, and Gucci leverages mass apparel with a luxurious price tag.




The iconic american jeweler teamed this time with italian luxury house Fendi to celebrate the legendary Fendi Baguette bag. The brands united to create the one-of-a-kind masterpiece of a bag enhanced with sterling silver details.

Photo credit : LVMH (2023)

This unique bag features engraved symbols of the brands’ national flowers. Silver lilies stand for Italy and Fendi, and roses the New York State, the home country of Tiffany & Co.

One can conclude that collaborations in luxury industry are a rather artistic endeavour which sublimates the most innovative and interesting ideas of both parties. Collabs allow the collaborators to step out of established frameworks and recreate each other, resulting in a new or redesigned joint luxury product.


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