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Luxury Integrated is a leading consulting, marketing & communication establishment driven by the higher purpose to breathe life into brands.

The inclination of Luxury Integrated team is to create legendary brands that will stand the test of the time with their timeless stories. Our passion for the extraordinary and sophisticated results in brand masterpieces anchored in strong brand personalities. Cognizant that every brand needs a strong DNA to reach the pre-eminence, we stipulate individualized approach and sophisticated strategy to each of our clients.

If you are looking for a business strategy or marketing & communication plans for your business or brand – we are ready to provide you with our expertise. We offer full support in creating long-term strategies, business plans, marketing management, branding, experiential, and other services designed for luxury, premium and tailor-made brands. We support small businesses as well as well-known global brands. We leverage culture to create defining moments and experiences that stand the test of time. Our mission is to lead and improve the luxury industry.

Honoring our values of expertise, craftsmanship, precision, and discretion, we master the real estate & development, media & publishing, finance & investment, legal & privacy, fashion & lifestyle, sports & leisure, and technology & invention industries.
The pledge of our team is to deliver personalized service, direct executive communication and unbridled creativity with ultimate discretion.


Founder & CEO

Lakovic Ivana

Laković Ivana is the founder of Luxury Integrated consulting. Highly trained, experienced marketer, strategist, and PR expert with 16 years of experience, Ivana worked in a vast variety of industries and fields of communication business which provided her with the opportunity to progressively gain responsibilities in supervision, budgeting, developing strategies and executing plans, establishing, and maintaining key relationships, handling sensitive and confidential issues. Ivana provides high-level business strategic management and advisory as well as successfully empowering crisis communications. She pursues the latest trends in business by broadening her scope of expertise. Ivana’s passion for adding extraordinary value to brands and businesses and experience-oriented consuming is confirmed as well through her academic involvement and PhD thesis.