Hosting first St. Regis Belgrade Midnight Supper

Hosting first St. Regis Belgrade Midnight Supper

Proud to partner with St. Regis Belgrade, as we hosted an unforgettable ‘Midnight Supper’ at Geozavod, on the night of September 12, 2023, heralding the arrival of the first St. Regis hotel in Belgrade – a night of elegance and history in the making.

This spectacular dinner marks the announcement of the opening of the first St. Regis hotel in Belgrade and promises to bring international glamour to the Serbian capital.

“Midnight Supper” is the legendary ritual of Mrs. Caroline Astor, who has been gathering the social elite in New York since the 19th century, and our famous scientist Nikola Tesla often attended these exclusive gatherings. This dinner, which was a spectacle for the chosen few, was held in Belgrade to honor that historical connection and as a promise that the St. Regis hotel will not only be a luxurious destination but also a guardian, a legacy of the friendship between our famous scientist and John Jacob Astor.

“Mrs. Caroline Astor, the founder of the St. Regis brand, and our renowned Nikola Tesla share deep roots in the history of luxury and innovation,” explained Agnieszka Rog Szynisz, Vice President of the Marriott International Luxury Brands in Europe. “This ‘Midnight Supper’ dinner is the first step in renewing that friendship and bringing unique St. Regis experiences to the Serbian capital.”

During the intimate spectacle at Geozavod, attendees had the opportunity to experience the famous St. Regis rituals, including authentic mixology of the Bloody Mary cocktail, created at the St. Regis New York, the “sabrage” ritual that marks the transition from daytime to evening atmosphere daily at the St. Regis hotel, and a dinner inspired by Mrs. Caroline Astor’s table and wine pairing.

This spectacular event brought together distinguished guests from the worlds of culture, sports, media, and business, making it exceptionally significant and exclusive. Furthermore, the presence of the First Lady of Serbia, Mrs. Tamara Vučić, added special shine and grandeur to the evening. Her arrival emphasized the importance and prestige of the event, making it a moment that will be remembered as the beginning of a new history.




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