Bloomberg Adria The Future of Luxury Conference

Bloomberg Adria The Future of Luxury Conference

Luxury Integrated has partnered with Bloomberg Adria in creating the first luxury summit in the region –
The Future of Luxury Conference, that took place on October 4th and 5th 2023 in Porto Montenegro.
At the “Regent” Hotel in Porto Montenegro, Bloomberg Adria and Luxury Integrated ceremoniously
opened a two-day conference dedicated to the future of luxury. The key theme of the conference was
the trends that will shape the future of the luxury market and the exchange of experiences among
people from various segments of the luxury industry.


The central discussion of the conference focused on changes in consumer needs, especially among
younger generations. Millennials and Generation Z, with their unique values often focused on
sustainability and digitalization, are becoming increasingly important in the luxury market. Additionally,
the importance of inclusivity in the luxury sector was emphasized, as well as the growth of the market in
developing countries where the middle class is experiencing expansive growth.


The conference was introduced to the audience by Professor Ashok Som and renowned jewelry designer
Steven Webster, followed by three panels with a specific focus on sustainability, new consumer needs,
and the luxury real estate market. Speakers from their personal experiences and perspectives from
different segments of the luxury market, including yachts, diamonds, real estate, automobiles, and the
fashion industry, answered the question of where they see the future of luxury in the region and the


The conference further illuminated the shifting landscape of consumer demographics. While luxury was
once synonymous with exclusivity, it is now embracing inclusivity as a defining characteristic. This
transformation is particularly evident in developing nations, where an increasing number of citizens are
ascending to the middle class.


For brands and services seeking to distinguish themselves in this evolving landscape, the conference
provided invaluable insights into current trends and the future of luxury. Particular emphasis was placed
on sustainability, digital integration, and the evolving needs of consumers.


In a momentous gesture, the Adriatic Luxury Business Association extended honorary memberships to
DPC, Regent Porto Montenegro, Porto Montenegro, and Bloomberg Adria, further solidifying the
collaboration’s significance in shaping the future of luxury in the region.



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